Sometimes it's a challenge to get students to broaden their choices and

think about other colleges. That's why we built the College Suggestor™

Tap into the

collective wisdom of

other students with

College Suggestor™

Students can tell us the name of a college they are interested in, and we'll tell them the names of additional colleges that were considered by other students with similar interests.

Strange as it may be...

Sometimes students like to listen to peers more than teachers or parents!

and simple to use!

Get your college suggestions and then:

  • View a mini profile of each college
  • Save your suggestions

Use the College Suggestor™ to find colleges that may be a good fit for you and then get a College Cost & Planning Report® to learn the best fit for your career goals and your bank account.

No more wasting money on applying for colleges that aren’t a great fit. Imagine, while others are waiting anxiously until they receive their award letters in the spring, you’ll know in advance what to expect.


you just got smart about college planning!

Aura was extremely helpful with all of my questions.
- Casie B
Hamilton, OH