Working together

to help students

We know that high school counselors play an essential role helping families navigate the college-planning process. We also know that you face unmanageable student-to-counselor ratios and a growing list of administrative responsibilities. We want to partner with you to help students achieve their college dreams.

Become a High School Foundation Partner

We're inviting a limited number of high schools to join our Foundation Partnership Program. Together we can help students and families access information they need in order to make smart college choices.

Benefits of becoming a High School Foundation Partner include:

  • All of your students receive a 10% discount on our services during the 2009–2010 academic year.
  • You can provide direct input into how our service evolves for the betterment of all students.
  • You have the opportunity to customize content in your student reports free of charge.

It's absolutely free

All we ask is that you share reactions from your students and provide periodic feedback on how we can improve our services.

If you are interested in learning more about our Foundation Partnership Program or our passion for helping families make affordable college decisions, e-mail us at or call 877.987.5075 today.

We're dedicated to college Access for All®

We have strived to create a service that is within everyone's reach. As a part of our Access for All® program, students from families with an income of $40,000 or less will receive a College Cost & Planning Report® free of charge. Students from families with an income of more than $40,000 may purchase a College Cost & Planning Report for as little as $49.00.

Our service is personalized for each family

We help families make well-informed college decisions with our College Cost & Planning Report® , a breakthrough service that provides insights into the net cost of college years before applying.

We use the specific college choices and unique financial circumstances to forecast the amount of aid the student is eligible to receive. Each report provides side-by-side comparisons of:

  • Published costs of attendance (sticker price)
  • Eligibility for student aid programs and likely award amounts
  • Estimated net (out-of-pocket) costs for each college
  • How to pay for each college
  • Monthly loan payments for students and parents after graduation

How do we do this?

We built powerful algorithms supported by more than 3 million lines of code that calculate aid eligibility based on the family's personal circumstances. A student or parent can provide the student aid eligibility data either online (self-serve) or by phone with the help of a professional Student Aid Advisor. Once we have all the necessary data, our team creates a custom report that is available online via a PDF for self-printing or by mail as a full-color document. To ensure accuracy, we tested our service on 25 million test cases and with 25,000 real families during two years of development, and we're committed to doing more!

Sheryl was very good and helpful. Thank you very much.
- Kathryn M.
Wellington, FL