Beyond Federal and State Student Aid

Your search for student aid starts with federal and state aid programs, but it shouldn't end there. Many student aid programs besides federal and state aid exist to help you pay for college. More than $43 billion annually in privately sponsored student aid comes from colleges, employers, and private organizations.

Use the following list of resources as a guide to help your search for other sources of student aid.

  • College-specific aid – Most colleges offer scholarships to students. Nearly one third of first-year, full-time, degree-seeking students receive college-specific aid awards. Ask a financial aid administrator for the college's list of scholarships. Putting in the effort will be worth it when you receive a scholarship!
  • Employer-based aid – Many employers offer scholarships for their student workers or children of their workers. Check with your employer to see if you are eligible for an educational scholarship. Also, ask family members to check with their employer's human resources department about student aid.
  • Community-based scholarships – Community groups often raise money throughout the year for college scholarships. Look on your city's website or check with the community center for a list of organizations in your area. You can also check with your high school counselor, as they often keep a list of local scholarships. Make time to review the list of scholarships and take notes on awards you are eligible to receive. For a list of scholarship search utilities, visit our resources page.
  • Scholarships associated with activities and clubs – You may be eligible for a scholarship associated with a club, organization, or sports team that you are a part of. Check their websites or inquire with an official within the organization.

The cost of college is substantial and growing every year. It's worth the extra effort to find every source for student aid out there.

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