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Planning for college is exciting and, at times, overwhelming. Reduce your stress (and your family's) by starting your college planning early – well before your senior year of high school!

Our personalized College Cost & Planning Report® will help you and your family make a well-informed decision about which college is the best fit for your career goals and bank account. We calculate your net (out-of-pocket) costs of college, even years before you apply. Your personal report will show a side-by-side net cost comparison of the colleges you are considering, as well as comprehensive college profiles that include graduation and retention rates. Now you can educate yourself years in advance and have a realistic picture of how much aid the colleges that you are considering expect to offer you. Armed with that insight, you can make a smart choice about where to pursue your education dreams.

Use the resources at to learn about the whole process, from understanding the net cost of college to writing college essays that can make a difference in getting accepted.

  • Understanding the net cost of college – College cost is a complicated topic. Learn about "net college cost," "sticker price," "cost of attendance," and more. How much you are going to pay in the end? breaks it down for you.
  • Saving for college – College is expensive. The earlier you start saving, the better. Find out which saving method is best for your family.
  • Preparing for college – Make the best decisions about where to go to college, what you want out of college, and the type of college education you need to achieve your career goals. Here are some resources to help you get mentally ready.
  • Researching colleges – Discovering which colleges are right for you is challenging, especially with 6,500 of them to choose from in the U.S. alone. Find out how to narrow your list to the colleges that best fit your career goals and bank account.
  • Applying to college – In many cases, your college application can make or break your chances with colleges. Learn how to write a great essay and ace the application process.
  • Planning for college resources – Still have questions? Check out these great resources.
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