Military Education Benefits

A variety of programs are available to help you pay for college if you're interested in pursuing a military career. First, ask yourself: "Do I want to go to college before entering military service?"

If you answered "yes," you should consider these three options:

  1. Federal Service Academies: The U.S. military administers six colleges dedicated to specifically training students to become military officers. These colleges are tough to get into and even more difficult to complete. Yet the military will pay for your total cost of attendance, and the opportunities after graduation are worth the hard work!

  2. Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC): More than 1,000 colleges across the country offer ROTC programs with two-, three-, and four-year scholarship opportunities. Your eligibility for these scholarships is based on merit – grades, standardized test scores, and academic achievement – not financial need.

    After completing these programs, you will graduate with a four-year degree and receive a commission into the military as an officer.

  3. Other Military Colleges: Several other colleges will fully immerse you into a military lifestyle, while you work towards an associate's or bachelor's degree in your field of choice. At these colleges, you have the option of receiving a commission into the military as an officer, but not all graduates choose to do so.

It's important to realize that your college experience will be very different if you are accepted into any one of these programs. You will participate in demanding training exercises, take military coursework, and in some cases, become fully integrated into a military way of life. Even the application process can be quite different, so read on for more information about these opportunities.

If you're thinking about enlisting in the military prior to attending college, there are several programs that will help you pay for college when you are ready to start pursuing your degree.

Already in the Military?

Thank you for your service! We are incredibly fortunate to have men and women like you committed to protecting our freedoms. When you are ready to pursue a college education, take advantage of the many education benefits that are available to current service members and veterans. We can help you determine your eligibility for these programs and understand the steps necessary to secure aid.

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